Sony provides timeline for Welcome Back Programme Activation

Playstation Germany has revealed a tentative timeline by which the Welcome Back Programme will be activated and users can start redeeming their free gifts, including the free games.

They informed that the programme will be activated within a few days via a tweet (which we have translated):

The Welcome Back program will be activated within a few days

This means people looking forward to redeeming their free games, will have to wait a few more days, however you can rejoice in the fact that the PS Store is finally back. You can read the details over here.

Sony has also provided details as to how you’ll be able redeem the games once they are available.

SCE’s James Thorpe explained this via a comment over at the EU PS Blog:

Hi, when the welcome Back pack launches, there will be a thumbnail in the Welcome Back section and you just download this as you would any other product and then you will access to the Plus section of the Store, where all the content will be. Hope you enjoy it

Sounds pretty simple to me. We’ll let you know once the package is available for download. Stay tuned.

  • anon

    can you give us the timeline please? to my email?