Sony Wins, all seized PS3 to be returned and LG fined

Sony’s won their case against LG and will be getting all their seized PS3’s back.

All 300,000 PS3s will be returned back to Sony and all future PS3 shipments can be let into Europe without any issues or breach of law.

LG will also have to pay 130,000 euros to Sony for the costs of the hearing.

LG will also need to ensure that all seized PS3s are returned to Sony by tomorrow and each day they lose will cost them a fine of 200,000 euros.

This verdict is only regarding the seizure of the console by LG and the fight between the two giants regarding a patent breach will continue.


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  • Alguien

    @Tom Ato Thank you for confirming ‘no always the biggest is the best’.  Sony has thousands of better and decent patents impossible to reach by that dirty lg, Sony is not just a better company but also a decent company. The half of lgs patents come from previous patents from different makers and still like this they are unable to improve them… typical from a loser, beautiful design (I prefer SONYs) but mediocre quality and pathetic manners. Sorry, lg deserves the worst and they will get the worst and everybody thinks the same, isn’t it? Bye dirty LG

  • X Box360

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  • TangRung

    Oh wow, OK that looks like it might jsut work. Wow.

  • شات

    Sony won this time, they got lucky.

    but wtf was LG thinking! they are not the police so why’d they seize all Beast/PS3 consoles for?

    they can only do that if they won the case:/
    they were too fast!

  • duffman

    that would be right sony gets away with something else first they delibertly destroy sega and get away with it now they get away with this what next wipe out nintendo and get away with it .

  • Khyn

    Its part of a big feud between these companies who have been going tit for tat for a long time now. I can guess LG were fully prepared to lose but wanted to ensure they send Sony a message that they are not scared to take things up a step and that Sony is not the only one who can cause inconvenience. I’m guessing Sony are celebrating today, but also showing a little sign of respect to the fact LG is willing to put up a fight in return for the inconvenience Sony has been causing them the last few months. 

  • alti

    lmfao!! LG got its shit OWNED!!!!

    haha, that’ll teach you to challenge sony. They live in the court house.

  • Erich Kenady

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  • idk

    It is most likely that they are second largest in KORE. Samsung being the largest.

  • http://   yun

    Shameless LG

  • CheekyMonKI

    >but wtf was LG thinking! they are not the police so why’d they seize all Beast/PS3 consoles for?

    They’ve probably flogged them all on ebay by now, thinking it as their booty for winning the case
    and using the proceeds to pay the fines to EU for the LCD TV cartel incident
    when Samsung stabbed them from their backsides


  • Dirk

    Whatever the outcome it will be messy and no consumer will benefit from the fight. By the way, LG and Sony are roughly the same size and what LG is normally known for according to there website is being the 2nd largest manufacturer of TVs. Whereas sony is known for its multimedia offerings such as the PS3 and music group. That is what each company tells you on there websites.

    • idk

      It is most likely that they are second largest in KORE. Samsung being the largest.

  • plmko

    I smell a new law case submitted by Sony in the next few weeks against LG.

  • Robert Miles

    Sony, the best money can buy. That’s their internal slogan when buying off judges.

    They are the ones who sued LG and LG countered.

  • John Smith

    HAhahahahaha – thats what u get u LG twats!

  • Guest

    I hate when small companies go after Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony over some similarity in a patent just to get a pay day. LG should have know better.

    • Gimme

      LG, a small company?

      LG is bigger than Sony.

      • Tom Ato

        LG bigger than Sony? Are you mentally retarded? Sony are one of the biggest electronics companies in the world, they have a controlling share in the Blu – Ray, videogame and music industries, they own Hollywood movie studios and are the second – biggest TV manufacturer on the planet.
        What do LG do? They make phones for elderly people. You are quite possibly the most ignorant person i’ve ever seen on the internet.
        LG never had a chance, they accused Sony of infriging one of their Blu – Ray patents when Sony INVENTED the format. I hope those idiots and their idiot phones go bankrupt.

        • John Doe

          You do realize that you’re entirely wrong, right? LG makes a hell of a lot more than Sony, employs more people, and makes more money. They do more than just make phones, they’re a massive conglomerate that includes numerous subsidiaries and they’re the second largest in South Korea.

          So really, you’re the one who is mentally retarded for just being batshit antagonistic for no reason.

          • Stb


            Now shut the f up, lg is miles behind sony in which one is the biggest, thanks.

          • Tom Ato

            John Doe, I see you’re one of those morons who likes to spew a load of BS without backing it up with any facts. I was planning on leaving you a couple links which prove what a dim – witted fool you are for thinking that LG is bigger than Sony but it looks like Stb beat me to it.
            Now that it’s been proven what an utter ignoramus you are I strongly suggest you shut up or at least do some research before leaving comments. LG are nowhere near as big as Sony – that’s not me being agressive, i’m just stating the facts.

    • Guest

      Sorry I should have worded that better. I didn’t mean LG specifically was a small company. I know they’re a big company like Sony. Typically it’s a small company looking to get some royalties on something they had no part in creating, and they get lucky in court walk away with millions. I remember something like that happening to Sony and Nintendo last generation. LG is a larger company that doesn’t need to pull crap like this to make money.

  • xino


    Sony won this time, they got lucky.

    but wtf was LG thinking! they are not the police so why’d they seize all Beast/PS3 consoles for?

    they can only do that if they won the case:/
    they were too fast!