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India gets three new PS3 console color variants

Sony PlayStation, the leading player in the console gaming segment, announced the launch of the PlayStation3  in three new body colours. Besides the principal… more »

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“Super Slim” PlayStation 3: Price and Launch Date Announced

A new slim model of the PS3 was announced by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show season this week. The new PS3 is… more »

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Sony: TGS Demo and Playable Line-Up Unveiled

The push towards the PS Vita software has been publicized by Sony with the unveiling of the TGS line-up. Soul Sacrifice, Assassin’s Creed 3… more »

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Kazuo Hirai Steps Down From The Post of SCE Chairman

Kazuo Hirai has stepped down from his role of being the representative director and chairman of the Sony Computer Entertainment Board but has… more »

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Resistance: Definitive Plans for the Future Not on the Cards

Sony has announced that it has no plans whatsoever to continue adding to the Resistance franchise. Resistance: Burning Skies producer Daniel Brooke said,… more »


Amazing PlayStation 4 Concept

Check out this amazing PlayStation 4 concept out. Do you like it? Let us know below.


Sony Comments About PlayStation 4

Sony boss Jack Tretton commented about the PlayStation 4’s development and how they think about its launch today. He said that it was… more »


God of War series: 20 million units sold since launch

The God of War series has sold 20 million units since its inception in 2005 for PS2, as reported by Sony in its… more »


Cloud Gaming deal at E3: Sony rumored to enter

Sony is rumored to announce a cloud gaming deal with either Onlive or Gaikai at E3 according to a report published by VG247.… more »


Hirai: No PlayStation 4 Reveal at E3 2012

Sony Boss Kaz Hirai has said that PlayStation 4 isn’t going to be revealed during E3 2012. He told that to the press… more »