Top 10 Innovative and Overpowered Weapons of this Gen


Weapons, big big GUNS, who doesn’t love them? The amount of satisfaction that blowing someone’s head-off with a fictional videogame weapon brings can hardly be matched with anything that we can do in real. While, we have seen numerous lists and descriptions related to the heroes who weild these tools of destruction, we seem to have failed to admire the weapons themselves.

Not anymore, Gamersmint takes a look at the meanest, baddest, most awesome and innovative weapons to have made an appearance in a videogame this generation –

Top 10 Innovative and Overpowered weapons this gen –

1) Killzone 2 – VC5 Electric Gun.

This amazing weapon is from Killzone 2, available only in the Single player portion of the game. Unlimited charges and devastating electricity output that fries your Helghast foes as if they are chicken.

2) Halo Reach – Plasma launcher.

This covenant weapon of mass destruction can lock on to weapons as well as personnel. Four plasma charges  are the maximum amount of rounds that can be fired from the gun at once. It sticks to the target and explodes a bit later inflicting massive damage.

3) Resistance 2 MP-47 Pulse Cannon

This cannon, made with reverse-engineered Chimeran technology has a primary and alt rate of fire. The primary fire is a massive long range ion beam while the secondary fire launches a short-range concussive blast capable of shredding weaker foes to smithereens.  Pure awesomeness.

4) Ratchet and Clank – Rhyno 5 (Aayush Shrut )

Ratchet and Clank series always carried out exotic and uniquely innovative weapons in each of their games.

However, RYNO 5, or Rip You a New One 5, has always been deemed as the most powerful weapon in the entire series. Making its appearance in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, this amalgum of Shotgun, Rocket launcher and machine gun can dish out extreme damage with it’s barrage of rockets spreading out and centering on the target. No wonder it’s the most expensive and rarest of the weapon in the series. Holding an collosial 1500 rounds of ammo and with only two upgrades, it surely uphelds the fun 10 folds in blowing up enemies. With this baby in hand, nothing can go wrong!

5) Gears of War : Torque bow

The Torque Bow fires Imulsion fueled arrow-like projectiles, which explode shortly after impacting with a surface. The Bow also features two blades which help during close-quarter combat and comes in handy when you’re ripping off locusts to bits. We wouldn’t go to war without one of these.

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