Top casino games on gaming consoles

Casino games have become something that a lot of people enjoy playing when they get home in order to relax and rewind. Being able to play these from the comfort of your own home is one of the many reasons why this is such a popular activity in peoples leisure time.

Video games have had casino games incorporated into them for much longer than online casino have even existed and there are many video games made today with casino games in them. More than just this, there are games that are made around the sole idea of playing online casino games.

One such game is based around Texas Hold’em, an extremely popular form of poker that is both simple to understand and great fun to play. There may be many games released for systems such as the PS3 and Wii, but World Series of Poker: Full House Pro has only been announced to release on the Xbox 360 home console.

This game just like the title says is designed to make you feel like a pro playing in one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. The game is designed with real life environments that are where the tour actually takes place as well as the real players playing.

When it’s less realism and more fantasy that you are looking for then Rock Star will have you covered, they are renowned for making games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Both of these games are open world affairs and both contain different places where you can go to gamble.

GTA has seen many casinos throughout its years, and with the addition of mobile phones in GTA 4, who knows, we may see gambling available at an online casino this time. Red Dead Redemption has a great set of mini games you can play such as Lair’s Dice, Poker and Black Jack. This is all on top of an already fully fleshed out game.