Uncharted 3 Comparison: Visual Evolution of Character Models

Uncharted 3, is undoubtedly, the most anticipated PS3 exclusive to be coming out this year and fans’ anticipation and excitement levels are on a all-time high.

The Uncharted series is known for its visuals and it’s only fair to expect some major fireworks from Naughty Dog when it comes to their latest entry into the franchise.

However, it’s always better to compare the developer’s previous works and stack them up against their current projects, in order to get a proper idea about how much their work has evolved over the years.

Therefore, today, we’re doing a special comparison, which pits the character models from each game in the franchise against one another. Needless to say, the amount of improvement that each game in the series has undergone is nothing short of phenomenal.

Without further ado, let’s take a look:

Nathan Drake – Main Protagonist

As you can see here, Nathan’s model has grown older with each game and he looks much more mature in Uncharted 3. As you can see for yourself, the increase in detail is simply stunning.

Sully: Nathan’s Partner in Crime

Sully’s model during the course of the three games have improved a lot, visually.

PAGE 2: Female Models and Enemy Models

  • http://blog.indigolinestudio.com/ Daveido

    Yeah, it looks great, but I’ve been wondering, the shots of Nathan are from cinematic, already rendered scenes right? Even the first one looks good, you can see on his sleeve that it has a decent number of polygons. The in-game graphics improvement is really stunning nowadays.

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  • dontcare

    Oh yeah, forgot about the article, yes games have come along way, I’m loving the work from Naughty Dog and the other top devs. Keep it up!

  • dontcare

    Who cares about the scores, if you like a game play it, enjoy it. Holy shit!

  • Nathan Six

    Absolutely stunning. We all know that the PS3’s graphics are lightyears ahead of the 360 but Uncharted 3 is set to take it to another level of awesome! I know that depressed 360 fangirls will still try and cling onto Gears Of Bore as a possible contender but the first 2 games in the series had absolutely laughable graphics compared to what the PS3 can produce so why would the third be any better?
    Why do you think Gears 3 is releasing in September when the previous 2 installments released during November? Because Microsoft are running scared, they’re terrified of how good Uncharted 3 looks and know that they’re last – gen machine can’t compete so they’re trying to release as far away from Uncharted 3 as possible to try and avoid people from making comparisons between the two because they know that next to Uncharted 3 Gears Of Bore looks like a GBC game.
    Uncharted 3 is a serious contender for GOTY while Gears Of Bore is just a poor man’s substitute.

    • True Gamer

      You do know as right now Crysis 2 is graphics King and the Xbox 360 version tops the PS3 version “so much for light years”, Gears scared of Uncharted? don’t make me laugh Gears of War franchise beats uncharted in scores and sales not to mention the ENTIRE mechanics of uncharted was borrowed from Gears so please crawl back under that rock you live under lol.

      • Nathan Six

        If Gears beats Uncharted in scores then why does Uncharted 2 have a Metacritic of 96 and Gears Of Bore can only manage 94? LMFAO, you’re so uneducated it’s unreal, obviously your tiny little brain has been fried from all that time spent looking at the 360’s terrible graphics.
        I never expected 360 fanboys to be the brightest bulbs in the box, after all if you were that smart you wouldn’t have spent your money on a console with last – gen graphics, no exclusive games, terrible online and a wonky conroller but to actually say that scores make a great game, without realising that Uncharted has HIGHER scores than your gay Gears Of Bore franchise is just remarkably stupid.
        Now go crawl back under your rock you unedcuated, ignorant little retard and next time you want to argue about review scores why don’t you check that the facts are actually in favour of your argument? LOL.

        • War Shaman

          Ladies please, let’s not make this into a console war. Each console has their strength, and each console has their weakness. We’re here to appreciate the evolution in graphics of video games in general. It doesn’t matter that this game is a PS3 exclusive or not, this is hella impressive that we’ve come so far from 8 bit gaming, to full fledge wrinkles being used on great character models. Hell, some games use REAL people to register for character models!

          Now I’m not saying you should forget the 8 bit era, it brought us far, I’m just saying shut up, and appreciate what we have.

        • Icarus

          What’s really funny is that you’re shitting on a game that you yourself just said got a metacritic score of 94. Killzone 3 is sitting at an 86, and even Killzone 2 (clearly the better of the two) has a 91. So are you an idiot or do you just dislike universally acclaimed games?

          • Nathan Six

            My point was never that Gears Of War was a bad game. My point was that Uncharted is a BETTER game. If you are too thick to understand that 96 is BETTER than 94 then I think you’re the only one making an idiot out of yourself.
            Also, WTF does Killzone have to do with any of this? Uncharted and Gears are both Third – Person Shooters, so it’s easy to draw a direct comparison between them. Killzone is a First – Person Shooter so how is it comparable?

      • E2M

        Crysis 2 does not have the best graphics, its just hype and everyone knows it. I own the game and to the eye it appears as good as the quality of ps3 exclusives but if you look closer it doesnt. Get your facts right even gears of war visually puts it to shame o I dont know where your going with uncharted

    • L0lam

      you realize a light year is a unit of measurement and not time, right?

  • phil

    The third person on Elena is not Elena.  It is actually one of the enemies on UC3.