Valve: We’re not done with Gordon Freeman

We’re not done with you, Mr.Freeman

After several years of silence, Valve finally seems to have come out of the shadows and hinted that fans should not lose hope and a new Half Life game might very well be in the works at their studios.

Valve Software’s Doug Lambardi made it clear that the team was not done with Half Life or Gordon Freeman in an interview with Ausgamers:

You will ever see it, yes. We are not done with Gordon Freeman’s adventures. I have nothing other than that to tell you today, but hang in there with us.

He clearly states that fans can expect a new Half Life game in the future, although he refused to confirm if it’ll be Episode 3 or a new Half life game altogether.

Valve’s currently busy implementing the polishing touches to their upcoming puzzler, Portal 2, which is set to release this April.

The game, being in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 is rumoured to contain a teaser of the next Half Life game if sources are to be believed.

This confirmation should soothe the hearts of Half Life fans who’ve been left out in the wilderness for years, with no answers as to whether, they’ll ever get to see a new game in the series and a follow up to Half Life: Episode 2 which released back in 2007.

Maybe, just maybe the long overdue announcement is closing in. We’ll keep you updated.

  • Rafael Santana

    Just to add to that because I know some will comment on it. I did not mean to imply Crysis 2 is based on the source engine, I know its based on teh Crytek engine 3 which, is really powerful as well and is not a system resource hog. Finally, to finish my venting … take a look at Flight Simulator (FSX) how can a company release a game like that and not take advantage of multi-core rendering when the technology is available? A classic example of get it out the door to make the $$$ and this is infact what led to their demise. I don’t even shop at stores for games anymore, PC games are almost non-existant in stores now a days … STEAM although it eats a little cpu horsepower is the platform of the future to purchase video games for a variety of systems out there and + it interconnects with consoles as well … you can play Portal 2 on a PC and your co-op friend may be on a console … you aren’t going to see this on any other videos out there, Valve has proven to be the leader in simplicity and connectivity! Long live Valve.

  • Rafael Santana

    To say that Valve is interested in the money is the most irrelevant obversion I’ve ever seen. Every company wants to make money. However, Valve makes money a different way, they appreciate the quality and take pride in their work so that it feeds them value as well as customer satisfaction which, is the real money maker. You can play Half-Life 2 on the worst system out there and you’ll get really great visuals, yes…because the source engine is that good, it de-couples itself very well from the system and achieves a level of performance not seen on other video games. Crysis 2 for example looks more amazing than Farcry 2 … yet I can play Crysis 2 enjoy all of the visuals while Farcry 2 brings my system to a halt. Some are into the money others take PRIDE in their work, that is the difference.

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  • Yo Mumma

    Ep 3 / HL 3 will make call of duty look like tic tak toe… whenever valve get around to it…

  • A.M.H.J

    Logically, valve isnt after making money; the HL franchise has millions of followers worldwide, ppl who would buy it when it came out no matter what (me included); if they really were after making money, they would try to make as many HL games as possible right? Instead theyre trying to make it a perfect game, to please their customers.

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  • skater

    im on team cry more bitches

    people complain about blizzard games. i still enjoy them i still buy them.
    people complain about valve games. i still enjoy them i still buy them

    TF2 STILL updates almost every week, you dont find that sort of support anywhere else. l4d2 ALL The maps were free (take note EA you money grubbing _*@#% ) and its still all awesome

    go valve go! i cant wait to play portal 2 (looks amazing) and im excited for whatever halflife you show up with

    • http://anon.anon Anon

      Where did you get free L4D2 maps? Because everybody else in the world had to pay for them. PIRATE!

      • Z

        Content for PC is free, but you have to pay for X360 because of microsoft.

  • Stickywiggit

    It’s ridiculous to call Valve’s practices money-grubbing. Valve released Portal as part of the Orange Box because they had no idea if it would sell at all, LFD2 has FREE map packs that have been added, and TF2 is constantly updated and improved. I think Valve’s policy of releasing games only when they’re done and high quality has been serving them very well and I look forward to playing Half Life once they’re happy with it.

    Or to bullet point it: You’re gonna buy their games anyway so quit ur bitchin’.

    • Anon

      You can simply say, Valve (and PC MMO devs: Blizzard, NCSoft, etc) are the only proper devs left. All others that have tasted console have gone to shit.

  • Rick Corran

    I agree with Morel. Valve has shown that they’re more after the buck than making their fans happy
    . They’re only now making hints because they’re testing the waters to see who’s interested and who’s not.

    • parker

      wrong!  They are one of the greatest video game developers out there.  They take there time and make perfect games.  if you really think they are “testing the waters” you are wrong.  They already know this game will be huge. 

      • http://anon.anon Anon

        Wrong again. All companies want to make money. Period. They ARE, in fact testing the waters – they want to make sure that they can sell copies of the game, and pay their employees – and ultimately make money. ALL companies will test the waters, gaming company or not, with a “sneak peak” marketing type deal like this.

        It’s a tease, to generate awareness, so that they can make money.

    • abraham

      However says Valve is more interested in making money rather than making fans happy are completely wrong; Valve may want money, but they create a lot of customer satisfaction aswell; more so than any other company I know. Their updates are free and automatic, and their customer service is really good, so whoever says they’re only after the money is completely wrong.

  • Tajul

    Look professionals

  • Craig

    I think nipples should be called tit buttons.

  • Scala

    A lot of whiny little trolls around these days, don’t worry about these fags, I will be buying Half-life 3, because I know that the quality behind Valve’s releases will always outshine the “quality” of every other developer.

     Keep on keeping on – A Real Gamer

  • A.Morel

    You know, there are OTHER games you can play other than just waiting for HL2 EP3.

  • Anon

    Valve, you can only do so much teasing before people stop caring.

  • Morel

     Screw you Valve.. If I want to be teased for 5 years and never ever receive what I’ve been promised i’ll go to the strip joint and stuff 20 dollar bills down someone named “Tiffany”.
     “Hang in there with us? Too. Fing. Late… You act like your HL2 franchise is something out of the Ark of the Covenant, something that us mere mortals aren’t worthy enough to gaze upon, or have any hints about.. Instead all we get is cloy, annoying answers while you rake in the millions on your steam platform.

     Screw you – The PC Gamer