What the mystery Playstation Magazine reveal might be

A new game will be revealed by Playstation Magazine France next month which they claim to be the “return of a famous series”, and it has us all excited. They have decided to play ‘guess the game’ with us and have provided a picture which you can see below.

We, at Gamersmint have been doing some digging around and have six games for you, which could be THE game that PSM magazine is teasing. The french are notorious for leaking games, since Amazon France went on a reveal spree last year before E3 and we expect some fireworks, when it comes to an official announcement from the country.

We all know this year’s E3 will be huge, but a major game announcement before that? Sounds weird doesn’t it? But like last year, where Sony revealed four major games before E3, tells us that anything is possible in the gaming industry.

After proper analysis of the image, we conclude that one of these six games is the one that will be revealed by the PSM magazine.

New Hideo Kojima game

We know it’s coming. Usually when there are a lot of rumors spreading around, they usually bear fruit one day. So the point is, will it be Metal Gear Solid 5 or a completely new game? Kojima has hinted that he will do something unique this time. So we may just end up seeing a new IP. Whatever it is, it should be great since we know Kojima usually delivers. Will it be a PS3 exclusive? Time will tell but many hardcore fans know that, MGS Peacewalker was MGS5. Since, they didn’t officially call it MGS5, the chances of a sequel to the amazing MGS4 seems highly likely.

Syphon Filter Sequel

Do you guys remember this franchise from the PS1 era? Most of you probably don’t. The London studio that made this game, Sony Cambridge to be precise, have been relegated to bug fixing and making small time games. Will that scenario really change? Will we see a new Syphon Filter for the PS3? It probably just might be. Syphon Filter should be a great addition to the PS3 lineup. Out of the six games we have here, this one seems the most unlikely, due to the UK Sony devs being treated like second rate by Sony. Investing millions of dollars and reviving this franchise just doesn’t seem like it, this gen but we want to be surprised.

Mass Effect 3

It’s been awfully quiet since Mass Effect 3 was announced last year at the VGAs. This could be a perfect time for all that to change. If Mass Effect 3 really releases in 2011, which we are not that sure off, the hype train should start with the PSM reveal. Lets hope it doesn’t go the Dragon Age 2 way and we actually get a much improved sequel like Mass Effect 2 was. The third DLC for Mass Effect 2 was complete garbage, so you have to fear for Mass Effect 3. Can Bioware really make a good sequel or botch it up? We’ll have to wait to find out.

New God of War title

Many of you know how God of War 3 ended, but if you actually look after the credits there was some room for a sequel. I wont be spoiling the ending here so you probably have to look it up but boy, it was a nailbiting finish to a spectacular game. What makes a new God of War 3 title possibly real, is the leaked info from Santa Monica studio where they ask for fresh guys to work in the God of War team. We probably think, this one will be shown at E3 but you never know, it might probably be revealed in the PSM magazine.

Hitman 5

We know it’s coming, we here at Gamersmint even decoded the puzzle IO interactive teased us with. This game is more likely to be the game that will be shown in the PSM magazine. Why? Because it’s the perfect way to announce it now, catch everyone by surprise. The Hitman franchise is known for its amazing stealth gameplay and an illustrious protagonist. Hitman games have always been fun to play, considering the last game the developers made was Kane and Lynch too, we assume that they might be slightly rusty. Going back to their strengths and making a Hitman game is just what they need and so do we as well.

Thief 4

We love this franchise, we really do. Don’t you guys as well? Check out our retrospective here that showers so much love for this game. Hyped now? Want Garret back? We already know this game is in development. A PSM magazine reveal seems highly likely since there’s been very little revealed so far about the game. If it is revealed in the PSM magazine, there will be a lot of info regarding this game.

So there you have it, six wonderful games that have a huge chance of appearing in the PSM magazine. We think it’s Thief 4, what about you?

If you think it’s some other game that is not on this list, please post in the comments section below so we can add it in our main article and even credit you.

  • doa766

    allow me let me put my detective cap and crack this mystery:
    -since it’s a playstation magazine we can be pretty sure it’s an exclusive, if it were a big multiplat series maybe the US PS magazine might get the reveal but not the french

    -the games that Sony revealed on the months before E3 last year were no surprises, we all knew LBP2 and KZ3 were coming (E3 is for suprises and megatons), so if they are following the same logic it should be Warhawk 2 or God of War 4

    -but I wouldn’t call Warhawk either a “series” (only one installment before) or “famous” (in the sense that no non-gamer would recognize it), and God of War 3 is too recent for the fourth to be a “return”

    -Metal Gear is way too big to be revealed by a french PS magazine and they would save it for bringing down the house at E3

    -Syphon Filter seems more likely but it’s also not really “famous”, neither are Medievil or Siren, although the magazine might be exagerating with the famous thing

    -no other current big PS3 franchise would be right for the info we have

    -Zone of the Enders seems like the right size and right amount of time since last game for “famous/return/series&quo t; but it’s hard to see ZOE like shape on outline on the image they showed, it seems more like a regular human and ZOE has none that would represent it

    -The Getaway 3 checks all the boxes of the info we have, it is realtive famous (big on PS2), it has two previos games so it can be called a series, it would be a return for sure, and the outline of the picture could perfectly apply to it

    so my best guest is The Getaway 3, followed by Syphon Filter and on the last place of likeness: ZOE

    • http://www.gamersmint.com Cyborg


      That’s a pretty good assumption from your end. We’ll be finding out what it is, soon, enough.

  • doa766

    the games that Sony revealed before E3 last year were no surprises, we all knew LBP2 and KZ3 were coming, so if they are following the same logic it should be Warhawk 2

  • Mike

    Anyone for dark cloud 3?

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