Rumour : White Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB console images leaked?

A reader just sent us these pics which look to be of a white Xbox 360 Slim model ( 250 GB ). These pictures look really authentic as we suspect if anyone can do such a professional looking paintjob. However, the box of console itself shows a black Xbox 360 slim model as the coverart which does create doubts in one’s minds.

Genuine or fake, the console looks absolutely amazing in white and even if MS has not already decided to implement such a color scheme, they can give it a thought after seeing these pics ( IF it’s not genuine in the first place ). We will send an email to MS inquiring if they have any plans of releasing such a model in the future or whether it’s just a user created design. In the meanwhile, you can marvel at these beautiful pics –

UPDATE – Like we suspected, it turns out that it is a custom-painted console rather than a official one.  This paint job has been done by some Chinese guys and really looks authentic. We would still like to own one though. If you want one too, maybe you can head over here and try your luck.

  • the truth

    i saw this new consol at sams today and apperently there was a white xbox 360 slim with purple led lights

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